SMSF performance reporting and bench-marking available

Our online SMSF accounts have recently been updated with the ability to view a number of portfolio charts including the ability to track the investment performance of your SMSF portfolio against a number of industry benchmarks including the the All Ordinaries, ASX 200 as well as a number of sector specific indexes.


Investment Performance

For the technically minded, the investment performance calculation utilises the Simple Dietz Method.  You can learn more about how this is calculated in this PDF fact sheet here.

The reports enable you to select the following variables:

  • Date range
  • Breakdown – i.e. by market type, asset pool or even data feed
  • Comparison – i.e. benchmarks such as the ASX 200 etc

You can also download the investment performance report as a PDF or excel (.csv) file.

Other Reports

There are a number of other reports in addition to investment performance available via our online SMSF reporting dashboard including:

  • Bank account transactions
  • Pension limits (minimum and maximums)
  • Contribution caps (concessional and non-concessional)
  • Investment valuations
  • Asset allocation and strategy
  • Realised and unrealised capital gains
  • Investment income
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Member statements (benefit estimates)

Getting Access

We generally only provide online access to our clients who have in place a monthly direct-debit for their fees. The reason for this is that we want you to see information that is as complete and up to date as possible.

Please also note that the accuracy of the information displayed is based on a number of factors such as whether data is provided via an automated data feed, the quality and frequency of the data provided, the type of investments, the type of accounts utilised by you as trustee and whether the prior year financial statements have been finalised.

Online access can be requested here:  Register

If you have already registered you can login here: Online Access (also use this link if you have forgotten your password.  Your username is your email).

You can access the online reporting via your web browser on any computer or browser.  There is even an iPad app.

If you have any questions about online access and reporting, please get in touch.

Chloe Ward

SMSF Manager 

Phone: 1300 889 282


Manager & SMSF Specialist Advisor at Superfund Partners. I'm the person who oversees the day to day operations of Superfund Partners and it's my job to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. Although I have many years experience looking after the accounting functions of SMSF clients I'm not an accountant by trade. My passion and qualifications reside squarely on the advice side of the business. I love the challenge of helping people reach their goals. The satisfaction I get from knowing that I've helped another person stay on track or reach something they've been aiming for is what makes me come to work each day and love the job I do. Outside of the office, along with running around after a 4 year old, I love keeping active and getting to the beach any chance I can get. I am recognised as an SMSF Specialist Advisor with the SMSF Association.