SMSF Trust Deed Upgrade

Service Description

Our SMSF trust deed upgrade service includes:

  • Provision of our high quality, strategically written Now Infinity SMSF deed
  • All necessary minutes and resolutions
  • Where applicable we will also update the constitution of the SMSF trustee company to match the SMSF trust deed rules


Applicable Fee

Deed Upgrade

Provision of a Now Infinity SMSF trust deed and all minutes / resolutions Fee - $495

Update your SMSF Trust Deed

Simply get in touch to request an upgrade or your SMSF trust deed:



 Why Update your SMSF Trust Deed?

With the amount of changes to superannuation in recent years it’s essential that your SMSF has a robust, good quality trust deed.

Although the rate of actual law changes has slowed in the last few years, there have still been numerous rulings, cases and new strategies developed which require an up to date SMSF trust deed to protect your interests and get the most from your SMSF.

The following six items are example areas where your current SMSF trust deed is likely deficient:

  1. Binding death benefit nominations
  2. Auto-Reversionary Pensions to prevent CGT on death
  3. Appointing a Guardian on Death to secure your SMSF Will
  4. New Insurance Arrangements
  5. Changes to the Contribution Laws
  6. Bloodline transfer of Superannuation Benefits only

Read more about the above in the following blog article (November 2015): 6 reasons to update your SMSF trust deed