SMSF Transfer Service

Service Description

Our SMSF transfer service includes:

  • Complimentary meeting with one of our SMSF specialists
  • Provision of a fixed-fee agreement for our SMSF administration services
  • We will contact your existing accountant / SMSF and request all information
  • We will update your SMSF details with the ATO
  • We will review your SMSF trust deed and advise if an update is required
  • We will organise all relevant authority forms for you to sign to enable us to obtain your SMSF bank and investment transactions
  • Once we’ve transferred your SMSF to our system we will issue you with online access
  • A dedicated contact point throughout the transfer process


FAQs about transferring to Superfund Partners

No. Superfund Partners does not require you to use a specific bank account for your SMSF to utilise our service.
No. The main reason you have a SMSF is for investment choice and control. We will not force you to change to a specific investment service or platform. We understand however that after a number of years, your SMSF can end up being an administrative burden – you end up with something quite different and more complex that you may have originally intended. What we will do is make recommendations of how you can clean up and simplify your SMSF administration to save you time and us time – which will in turn reduce your SMSF accounting fees.
No. It is our job to contact your previous accountant and obtain ethical clearance to ensure there are no outstanding issues that will prevent us from working with you. We can also organise the transfer of any permanent records / registers to us from your previous accountant / administrator.
Absolutely. The Superfund Partners service has been designed to used by financial planners and we currently work with a number of advisers around Australia.
Yes. We have a panel or independent auditors we work with and who are familiar with our systems and processes.
All our clients pay their SMSF fees on a monthly basis via a direct debit arrangement. Our fee structure is fixed, transparent and very competitive. Often when we take on a new client we simultaneously complete the last financial year and get the current financial year up to date. Once your SMSF has been transferred onto our system we will commence a monthly direct debit (you will be notified in advance via email). We will invoice you for the previous financial year upon completion of the annual accounts and audit.
Superfund Partners exclusively looks after SMSFs. We can however refer you to some fantastic tax and business accountants that we work with closely (same building) who can help you with your personal or business returns.
It depends on how quickly we obtain all necessary information from you and your previous accountant / administrator. To go through the entire process will generally be about eight (8) weeks depending on the time of the year and our workload.


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