New rules on excess non-concessional contributions

SMSF members had a win recently due to changes to the tax treatment of non-concessional contributions that exceeded the relevant contribution cap.  This means that people who breach the cap will no longer face draconian tax penalties of up to 93% – however there is still some complexity you need to be aware of.

SMSF performance reporting and bench-marking available

Our online SMSF accounts have recently been updated with the ability to view a number of portfolio charts including the ability to track the investment performance of your SMSF portfolio against a number of industry benchmarks including the the All Ordinaries, ASX 200 as well as a number of sector specific indexes.


Investment Performance

For the technically minded, the investment performance calculation utilises the Simple Dietz Method.  You can learn more about how this is calculated in this PDF fact sheet here.

The reports enable you to select the following variables:

  • Date range
  • Breakdown – i.e. by market type, asset pool or even data feed
  • Comparison – i.e. benchmarks such as the ASX 200 etc

You can also download the investment performance report as a PDF or excel (.csv) file.

Other Reports

There are a number of other reports in addition to investment performance available via our online SMSF reporting dashboard including:

  • Bank account transactions
  • Pension limits (minimum and maximums)
  • Contribution caps (concessional and non-concessional)
  • Investment valuations
  • Asset allocation and strategy
  • Realised and unrealised capital gains
  • Investment income
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Member statements (benefit estimates)

Getting Access

We generally only provide online access to our clients who have in place a monthly direct-debit for their fees.

Is an SMSF Right For You?

Recently, I did a podcast with Josh Stega, The Wealth Guy.

His goal is to bring the topic of personal financial planning into discussion and show you how to manage your money, build your wealth and reach your goals.

Should children be members of your SMSF?

A question we often get asked is whether children – either minors or adults – should be included in your SMSF.  In this article we run through some common situations where it can go horribly wrong, and the few occasions when you may be able to make it work.

Firstly, let’s start with the positive. SMSFs are fantastic vehicles for building wealth and when operated correctly can boost the financial literacy of all members regardless of age and you can have up to four members in an SMSF – so why not take advantage of it?

ATO targets boomers with self-managed superannuation funds

ATO assistant commissioner for SMSFs Matthew Bambrick (above) said a boost in compliance work on the nation’s 531,059 – and growing – funds was not a bad idea.  Photo: Dominic Lorrimer

The following is a verbatim copy of an article originally published by Katie Walsh (@katiewalshAFR) in the Weekend Australian Financial Review 17 January 2015.  You can view the original article here: ATO targets boomers with self-managed superannuation funds

The Australian Taxation Office will intensify its focus on self-managed superannuation funds as baby boomers retire and the risk increases that tax-free income could be stashed and passed on to beneficiaries. Read-more

The tax man is concentrating efforts on education and scrutiny of SMSF auditors and advisers.  ATO assistant commissioner for SMSFs, Matthew Bambrick, said a boost in compliance work on the nation’s 531,059 – and growing – funds was “not a bad idea”.

“It is something that we will have to keep an eye on in coming years,”

Anti-detriment strategies in practice

In Chloe Ward’s article from November 2014 – Creating a super legacy – we introduced a not so simple, but extremely valuable strategy known as the anti-detriment strategy.  In this article we will explore the strategy in more detail, with a practical example of course, to show just how valuable an anti-detriment strategy can be for the right family.

WARNING: This article contains some technical taxation and superannuation concepts!

Direct to consumer managed funds trading now a reality

We’ve partnered with OpenMarkets to successfully complete the first automated direct purchase of an unlisted managed fund for one of our SMSF clients.

The trade was executed through the OpenMarkets Multi-Asset Trading Hub (MATH) and transaction information was subsequently fed directly to us via Class Super’s SMSF administration software. 

Creating a super legacy

As the average balance of self-managed super funds edges ever closer to $1 million, the need for a comprehensive succession or estate plan for your SMSF becomes absolutely critical. We have identified estate planning as the number one thing where trustees of SMSF are being let down.

There has also been an increase in publicity around messy and expensive court cases involving SMSFs – most of which could have been avoided through relatively simple, but effective planning.

Simple strategies to boost your super nest egg

The following is a guest post by Lloyd Harris of Ord Minnett (Gold Coast).

By taking a few simple steps, people are able to secure a more comfortable retirement for themselves and their loved ones.

Let’s take a look at a few basic strategies which can improve your outcomes through time.

Apps to make managing your SMSF easier

One of the things we are passionate about at Superfund Partners is making the administration of your SMSF easier to enable you to spend more time on things that are important to you.

We know that many of you utilise various smart phones and tablets.  I personally get at least 6 emails a day that have the tell-tale “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my iPad” on the bottom.

In this article we reveal three clever and easy to use apps that you can use to make looking after your SMSF a breeze!