Is an SMSF Right For You?

Recently, I did a podcast with Josh Stega, The Wealth Guy.

His goal is to bring the topic of personal financial planning into discussion and show you how to manage your money, build your wealth and reach your goals.

The podcast I did was all about knowing if a SMSF is the right choice for you.

So why not have a listen and find out?

Any questions?

If you have any questions about minimum pension requirements or any other information contained in this article, please get in contact with the Superfund Partners team.

Is a SMSF Right For You? | Superfund Partners

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Director at Superfund Partners. I love working in the SMSF space. Self-managed super funds are more than just a savings vehicle - they enable people to truly take control of their financial situation which is key to achieving happiness. Leading the Superfund Partners team is a privilege - they are a great crew and they always put others first.