Monthly Archives: April 2015

Save time using our document collaboration tool

We are pretty open when it comes to our views on chasing paper for your SMSF: We don’t like it!

There is always a better way for us to work together, to enable your SMSF to be looked after more efficiently so we can all focus on more important things.  In this article and video we take a look at our online document management and collaboration system and how you can use it to save time when it comes to providing us with the documents Superfund Partners and our auditors need to complete your SMSF accounts and keep your SMSF up to date.

Get the most from online SMSF reporting

Superfund Partners offers some fantastic online reporting to all our clients.  With the end of the 2015 financial year creeping up on us, we wanted to take the opportunity to give you a quick oversight of some of the information you can view online for your SMSF.