Why does Superfund Partners exist?

We needed a better way to look after our SMSF clients.  So we created one.

We experienced first hand the frustration of the ‘old way’ of looking after SMSFs: Financial statements that were out of date by at least 6 months and of no use to anyone other than the ATO, high fees and poor value due to highly skilled and knowledgeable staff spending unnecessary time on laborious data entry and worst of all SMSF trustees not getting the right advice at the right time!

Our clients and the advisers they choose to work with needed more.

Superfund Partners has embraced the latest technology across our business to enable our team to spend less time punching in numbers, and more time provide the advice, support and service that you deserve.

Did you know?

Superfund Partners is one of the largest independent specialist SMSF businesses in the country.

Of our clients rate our service 9/10 or above

Of our clients rate our service 8/10 or above

Is our on time lodgement rate with the ATO

Meet the people who make it all happen.

At Superfund Partners we are able to help you do some pretty remarkable things with your SMSF.

We also get the basic things right. Good old fashioned customer service and ensuring we develop a connection with the people we are here for: You.

Real feedback from SMSF trustees we already work with

Just a sample of the feedback we've received from our existing SMSF clients.

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